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2020 Charge Conference Schedule

posted on September 02

Charge Conference Instructions
Virtual Charge Conference meetings
This year’s Charge Conferences will be held in virtual cluster meetings and will take place on Zoom.  Each church will complete all the necessary paperwork, receive approval from the Administrative Board/Church Council, and then submit the paperwork to the district office.  The Charge Conference will affirm the approved work and serve as the official vote on clergy compensation, local church leadership, and any candidates for ministry for the charge conference. 
I am asking that each church be represented by the appointed clergy and one lay representative.  I would suggest the lay representative be the chairperson of the Administrative Board/Church Council, the Lay Leader, or the Lay Delegate to Annual Conference.  The Charge Conference lay representative should be a member of the local church Administrative Board/Church Council.  For those congregations with more than one appointed clergy:  all clergy will attend the meeting, but only one lay representative is required to represent the church. 
If you or your lay representative are unable to join the meeting via Zoom, please let Cassie know before September 30th and we can plan for a local church to provide technology for individuals to join the meeting.  Schedule is attached to this email.
Instructions for Submission of Paperwork
There are 3 formats available for you to use: WORD, PDF, & Online.  The online format only has 9 out of 13 of the forms available, the Word version only has 12 of 13 available and all 13 forms are available as PDFs.  There are 3 forms that require the physical signatures (not the Checklist Authorization Form) – the Finance ReportTrustees Report/Parsonage Survey, and Clergy Compensation forms.  With that in mind, those forms are not available as online versions.

Please submit your charge conference forms no later than the Monday before your Charge Conference.  There are 3 ways: online (excluding those that require signatures), via email, or mail to:
Cassandra Chandler
227 W Main Street
Morehead, KY 40351